Front End Developer (Remote)

Preferable Location: Bengaluru   |   Full Time

We at SigNoz are looking to hire developer with ReactJS expertise for working on the frontend aspects of our product. Candidate will be working to build data-rich dashboards which has to be optimized for low latency. This would be a great opportunity for people with 0.5 -2 yrs of experience in ReactJS to upskill themselves and build a world class product. 

The team member should be willing to work hard to achieve the target deadline. Experience with charting libraries would be a plus. He/She would get a chance to:

👉  Work in early stages of the product

👉  Work with the founding team from IITD and IIMA

👉  Work on developer focused products. Your friends will be your users

👉  Upskill yourself in a matter of few months

👉  You will be making some beautiful dashboards - so folks interested in charting/ visualization would enjoy it

You will be making some beautiful and world class dashboards that customer from all over the world would use

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